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Mr. Window Cleaner

Mr. Window Cleaner

My name is Joe Bulik and I'm the owner of Mr. Window Cleaner Window Washing Service. Does my picture to the right resemble the caricature inside the company logo above? How'd they do that?

I've been able to develop a loyal following of residential window cleaning customers thanks to a high demand for clean glass and proper care for the customer, but I'll touch more on that later. At this time I would like to provide you with a little background..

I was raised in Queens, New York, but my family headed to California in the very early seventies to experience some palm trees as well as some relaxing weather. Whew...those blustery, cold New York winters get a little old after awhile..

Being an entrepreneurial type of person, it wasn't difficult starting high demand businesses. Simply find some needs and fill 'em. After owning several businesses through the years, I ran across an opportunity to get involved with the residential window cleaning business.

Making the transition to window cleaning was easy based on the fact that my research showed me a couple of things:

  • People are searching for professional, trustworthy, customer oriented window cleaners who believe in doing quality work.

  • And there aren't a lot of those type of window washers around.

So Mr. Window Cleaner was born over two decades ago. Through the years I've been able to grow the company into a complete team of dedicated window washing professionals. All this growth has happened as a result of not just the best quality window cleanings, but a genuine belief in providing outstanding customer service.

We continue to receive numerous referrals from satisfied customers, so I guess something's working.

Mr. Window Cleaner - Professional Window Washing

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