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Window cleaning prices - Window Cleaning Estimate Calculator

Use the calculator below to get an "approximate" estimate of what your project would cost. For a more firm quote call us now at 1-877-Z-BEST-YET or 714-869-1800. We are open 7am-7pm, (till 8pm most days) 7 Days a Week.

CLICK HERE for Money Saving Coupons on your first window cleaning service. Quotes presented below are approximate.

Mr. Window Cleaner Estimator Calculator

Select Number of Regular Windows 1st Floor:

Select Number of Regular Windows 2nd Floor: ��
Select Number of French/Grid Type Windows: ��
Select Number of Sliding Patio Doors: ��
Select Number of Garden Windows: ��
Select Number of Wardrobe Mirrors: ��
Select Number of Screens: ��
Select Number of Skylights: ��
Your Home's Number of Stories:
Your Estimate:
The quote presented above is in no way a firm contractual bid.
It simply provides you with an "approximate" cost for your project. *Mr. Window Cleaner has a $115 minimum

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