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Why Do I Need to Have my Washer
Professionally Cleaned, Sanitized and Disinfected?

Well, crazy as it may seem, even a machine that washes needs washing on a regular basis. Not cleaning the machine on a regular basis can cause unnecessary repair costs or, worse yet, even reduce the useful life of the machine. It is necessary to clean, disinfect and sanitize your washer at least once a year.

Cleaning an appliance that is designed for cleaning might sound a little counterintuitive. But for a washing machine to do its job effectively and efficiently, it needs regular care and attention on your part. Your washing machine deals with the dirtiest of laundry: diapers, grass-stained denim, food stains and worse. Your clothes emerge spotless, but they leave some of that gunk behind. And hard water, as well as laundry detergents, can build up within the tub, pump, and hoses. This build-up can make your washing machine less efficient and can damage your clothes as well.

First, regular washing-machine maintenance will help prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and soap deposits, which can be harmful to your health and clothing...and over time cause quite a stink, too.


The soap residue, minerals, and chemicals from your detergent can get locked inside your washing machine and create a thin film that traps bacteria. These bacteria can clog the inner mechanisms, so your water dosen't get as hot and your detergent won't be as strong. Also, washing machines are, by design, hot and humid environments. This can become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and spread.

Maintaining your washer and dryer is really important. They are expensive to repair and replace and pretty necessary for modern life. Also, proper maintenance keeps them going at peak performance.

How We Clean, Sanitize and
Disinfect Your Washer Every Time:

We use a specially formulated time-release tablet which disolves, lasting throughout the entire wash cycle and is designed to clean the inside of all components of your washer and we run a full cycle on your washer to accomplish this. Next, we'll tackle the exterior parts of the machine including your detergent dispensers, all cracks and crevices, door frame, gaskets, and all exterior surfaces. Cleaning the inside and outside of the door with a concentrated cleaning formula, it is hard-working & biodegradable as well as from plant-derived ingredients and essential oils using a microfiber cloth. Finally, we scrub grimy areas where necessary with a cleaning brush and wipe everything clean with a micro-fiber cloth.

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